Why Taurima?

Because we are still the best student hostel in Hamilton ... Here's why!


We only have 54 rooms, so Taurima is small enough that you can get to know everyone, but not so small that you get sick of them. Being small makes it easy for you to become part of the community and for you to make some great friends. We all sit down together at meals too which also helps.

Our size makes the hostel safe too. It doesn't take long before everyone knows who really belongs at Taurima, and that helps us to look out for each other.


We are 5 minutes walk from gate one of the University and even closer to the bus stops if you are studying at either Wintec site, or other tertiary providers in town. It's great to be close, but not right on campus, so it feels like you come home, rather than always being at the same place.


We don't want to brag, but our food has a great reputation. Because we are smaller than most hostels, our food doesn't have that "mass-produced" look and taste. It's good, honest food!


At Taurima there are managers, a cook, resident assistants, cleaners and weekend staff! We believe that it is really important that you are looked after well, and we have great staff to make sure that this happens! Our resident assistants are only responsible for 10 or 15 residents, so they can get to know you and provide any help that you might need.

There is always someone on duty if you require help.

We have good cleaners too. It's important to us that the hostel is cared for well, and that our bathrooms and shared areas are kept clean.


We believe that at $315 per week Taurima provides the best value for money, compared to other similar hostels in Hamilton. Some hostels don't provide on site cooked meals, meals during the weekend or any extras, and others don't include the cost of linen or off-street parking in their weekly fee.

Alcohol and Smoke Free Site

All areas of the hostel buildings and grounds are 100% alcohol, drug and smoke free. This provides the basis for a safe and secure environment.

Unashamedly Christian

Taurima is a Christian hostel, and that has an impact on how we do things. The residents are treated as individuals, not just as someone paying for a room. We try to provide the best possible pastoral care we can – if you want/need it.

You don’t have to be a Christian to live here, everyone is welcome – and we won’t hassle you with our beliefs – but you do need to know what we are!

Proven Record

Longview Taurima Trust took over Taurima Hostel in 1992 and they are proud of the reputation it has gained. Many of our current residents have siblings who lived here in previous years. Our greatest form of advertising is "word of mouth" by past residents and their families.