Frequent Questions

If this is a Christian hostel, do I have to be a Christian to stay there?

No. Anyone is welcome to stay at the Hostel. You just need to follow our hostel rules, like you would expect

When can I move in?

We'd suggest that you move in up to a week before your course starts, so that you can get properly settled in – but you can move in at any time. Just arrange it with the managers. We have residents studying at lots of different places, so we are usually open from late January and don't close until early December

What are the hostel rules?

Click below to download the rules. They are in PDF Format

Can I have my friends to stay, or for meals?

Yes - they are very welcome. There is a small charge and it must be arranged with the managers before you invite them.

What if I'm not at the Hostel for lunch or dinner - do I have to buy my own food?

No. During the week spreads and snacks are provided so that you can make yourself a lunch if you won't be here at lunchtime. If you won't be here for dinner we will keep a late meal for you

Do I have to move out during the holidays?

No - the room is yours for the whole academic year.

If I move out during the holidays do I have to keep paying fees?

Yes - the room is yours for the whole academic year. You can leave your things there, and no-one else will use it.

Is the Hostel safe?

Yes, as safe as it can be. All of the exterior doors are locked each evening. You will have keys to your door and your block, so you won't be locked out - or in. You are free to come and go as you choose! Also, because it is a small Hostel people get to know each other and can look out for each other. There are staff on duty 24 hours a day.