2024 and 2025

Hamilton's Premier Student Hostel Accommodation

If you're coming to study in Hamilton and want a great place to stay, look no further! We are Hamilton's premier student accommodation.

Taurima means “a place of shelter” - a home away from home where you're well looked after but can still be independent. All of the residents are students, most are studying at tertiary level and living away from home for the first time. The average age is 18. We all eat together for lunch and dinner, this helps with getting to know one another quickly, and makes for a closer community.

No mass produced food

We don't want to brag, but our food has a great reputation. Because we are smaller than most hostels, our food doesn't have that 'mass-produced' look and taste. It's good, honest food!


- Christian background and heritage - Safe and welcoming student community near Waikato University - Warm, comfortable single rooms - Fast internet to help with study - Caring and fun environment - A family atmosphere - Delicious food! 

"Taurima is an incredible place to stay. I’ve made friends for life and so many great memories. Everyone should go to Taurima!"

"The food, the people and the chill atmosphere made moving out of home and into the next stage of life super easy!"

"Taurima staff go the extra mile. Coming home late from sports and having a late dinner saved for me was just amazing."